The truth about fat burning is that once an individual can have a proper understanding of his body type, then he can decipher what kind of weight loss program will suit him without getting misled by a bunch of weight loss programs that do not work for him. To get a proper understanding on how to go about your weight loss strategy, there are thirteen losing weight tips in this article that will give you that new look you’ve been dreaming of.

– Diet: This plays a large role in any weight loss program. Since you can’t stop eating, you have to learn how to eat right. You start by eating a healthy balanced diet. Who says you can’t eat starchy foods?  You can definitely consume your carbs but make sure they are from healthy sources like whole wheat pasta, wheat bread, brown rice and oatmeal due to their high fiber content.  Fiber really helps in bowel movement, and once you can get rid of the waste inside of you, it makes no allowance for undigested foods to get stored in your system. Go for healthy proteins such as black beans, garbanzo, soybeans, split peas, chick peas, lentils, lean meat, shell fish or other types of fish, some skimmed milk, you can take eggs but for now stick to egg whites. Avoid trans and saturated fats; choose healthy oils like olive oil, avocado and salmon. For your roughages, farm fresh fruits, vegetables as well as raw nuts are the best. Salt must contain iodine and must be sparingly used. Nevertheless, all these foods gotten from healthy sources must be taken moderately so as not to hinder your weight loss goal. Fruits, for example when taken in excess can make you add more weight  due to the sugar in them which later turns into fat.

– An active lifestyle will reinforce your metabolic rate. When your metabolism is fast it makes it easier for you to lose weight. Most overweight people possess slow metabolisms because of their weight gain. You can put an end to this by being active. Sign up for a skill acquisition program such as bridal make-up, dancing, swimming, acting Spend time with your family by frequently going out on sight-seeing, Wash the windows, do the laundry instead of using the washing machine, take the stairs always etc . And take your dog out for a walk are part of active lifestyles that can help you lose weight effortlessly without you realizing it.

– Most overweight people think when they sleep too much; it will make them add weight. However, this is only a fallacy. In fact, sleep does the exact opposite for you. Getting the minimum 7-8 hours of sleep facilitate your weight loss strategy. When you deprive yourself of sleep, it only disrupts the hormonal balance causing a decrease in Leptin which is responsible for making you full and an increase in Gherkin which is a hormone initiated by P/D1 cells in the stomach lining responsible for stimulating  and increasing  appetite. So, if you are not getting enough of the recommended sleeping hours per night you are more prone to weight gain. Getting sufficient sleep is one of the most organic ways of shedding weight fast.

– According to scientific  theories, results  have shown that the stress hormones increase the fat storage in human beings especially in obese people. You can get a new lifestyle by having more of the Eustress since we still need some amount of stress to function properly. Eustress is the positive type of stress that the body demands for. Eustress can become part of your life by engaging in more positive tasks like charity work, learning the art of concentration such as meditation, playing with the kids, avoiding conflict with your spouse or colleagues at work, choosing a career or vocation you love doing etc. Eustress gives you a sense of peace, tranquility and fulfillment.

– Amazingly, a study has shown that people who are married to obese people are liable to gain weight by 37 percent than those married to slim people or folks with normal weight.

–  Impaired Taste Buds: Some studies have also been linked to the taste buds in overweight people which is capable of making them to develop cravings for sugary and fatty foods due to damaged taste nerves in them. As a result of this uncommon impairment, the damaged taste nerve makes it difficult for them to be able to sense food sweetness or fattiness normally. This infection is usually caused by ear infections in the middle ear which eventually affects the taste nerve connected to the middle ear. Ensure that you treat any ear infection immediately to prevent taste loss. For those who have the problem already and are undergoing therapeutic or surgical transplant, they can get nutritional scales to measure the nutrients contained in the food.

Finally, health and fitness largely depend on our lifestyles which end up in  determining the kind of body structures we have.  Getting an active lifestyle which is one of my losing weight tips should be adopted by all overweight people since most of them engage in sedentary lives which make them to gain back the weight they have lost. Simply follow all expatiated tips above and you’ll find yourself looking healthier and slimmer.